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Parameter name: index Another suggestion that failed, which I found online is: Dim action ID As Integer = Convert.To Int32(gv Office In I came across a similar problem before and after several attempt I reached the following observation: You can only access the visible fields.Template Field field = new Template Field(); field. Item Template = new Template Generator(List Item Type. Edit Item Template = new Template Generator(List Item Type. Many a times you wish to show data in a Grid View and allow users to edit the data and save it.Finally, we set the Update Batch Size property of the Sql Data Adapter to 10 indicating that we want to update 10 rows as a batch.If you run this application you will notice that the variable updating holds the value equal to the number of rows in the table because this event is raised each time a row is being updated.You just have to double click on a cell to make it editable, edit the values and then change selection to some other row to save the updated values.

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That means if there are 100 rows to be updated the Sql Data Adapter will execute 100 separate operations against the database.

NET Framework によってサポートされていないバージョンがあります。サポートされているバージョンについては、「システム要件」を参照してください。 関連項目Grid View クラスGrid View メンバSystem. Auto Generate Edit Button プロパティOn Row Updating Grid View.