Vmware snapshots not consolidating

31-Jan-2020 22:30

That template can then be used to generate new virtual machines from a "Golden Master" image.This allows you to have a "clean state" but also create long-running or permanent VMs from that master image. ewwhite's answer is correct, but just to expand a bit more or the performance penalty, consider the following scenario: You create a VM. Now, for every virtual read, you're going to incur 2 physical reads, one from the base vmdk and one from the delta vmdk, because you need information from both to get the current state. For two snapshots, you're doing three times the reads, and so on.This can cause unresponsiveness in your VM's operating system or other undesirable behavior.VMware has templating and cloning functionality built into v Center.

In v Sphere 5 a virtual machine can have a “Virtual machine disks consolidation is needed” Configuration Issue warning in the Summary tab.

You need a 0 v Sphere Essentials license to enable this.

You can create a VM to your taste, then clone it to a template.

I do not have another Esxi Host to try migrating too.

I do not have access to the former backup software the company used. Unable to recreate the VM as it has Windows Server 2003 with customized software and limited support.

Generic Vm Config Fault What I've tried so far: Restarting ESXI host, services, making a copy of the VM and attempting on the copy.

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