Who is andre benjamin dating

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IM NOT TRYING TO UPSET ANYONE…IM JUST TIRED OF WOMEN ACTING LIKE THE VICTIM WHEN THEY ACTED OUT OF THEIR OWN FREE WILL!! Comment by Sarah Palestrini on April 26, 2008 I don’t know why Andre and Bryan would know and want to work with a stupid chicken head groupie like yourself. Your mother’s pussy probably smelt like shit when she gave birth to you, that’s why you wake up smelling like shit wanting peoples’ left over men. Comment by Eufaula HATER TOO on April 28, 2008 This message is for EUFAULA HATER TOO. Why don’t you just contact Eufaula yourself if you feel this way. Someone told me about all the stuff written here and you people need to get a life. I have a question for “Eufuala Hater” I am really sincere.

Comment by Sarah Palestrini on April 25, 2008 For the girl above. I AM AN ARTIST AND I ADMIRE ANDRE FOR HIS CREATIVITY!! You are the wanna be Eufaula because you have taken her men and you want Andre. I feel sorry for you because your pussy probably smells like rotten tuna on a HOT DAY! I thought he was a well respected guy and that he practiced celibacy. I am really sad to hear these things because I am a fan. I keep hearing that she was his assistant but how did they meet al together?

He is gross for stringing Eufaula Garrett and other women along making them believe that they actually have a chance with him. Comment by Eufaula HATER TOO on April 14, 2008 I AGREE WITH YOU “NOT A FAN OF EUFAULA” … DID SHE REALLY THINK ANDRE WAS GONNA WIFE A 41 YEAR OLD THAT LOOKS 55??? Comment by Eufaula HATER TOO on April 23, 2008 EUFAULA WASN’T ON HIS LEVEL EITHER!!


GOOD FOR DRE IF HE’S HITTIN BUCKEY…A BIG UPGRADE FOR HIM!!! I don’t know him but he gave one of my girlfriends an STD. Comment by ashana golsh on April 22, 2008 On the boards, there is a description of his penis. Someone on the board said that he was well endowed. Comment by melissa young on April 22, 2008 I don’t think that Andre 3000 is or was dating Buckey.

LOLComment by STacey Carter on April 18, 2008 Do you (above) know Eufaula?

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I am a little puzzled but quite curious as to what the commotion is really about. Comment by Eufaula HATER TOO on April 23, 2008 I DID HEAR THAT DRE WAS WELL ENDOWED!! I WOULD LOVE TO TAKE ANOTHER “UNSATISFIED” MAN AWAY FROM LAME, OLD, BORING EUFAULA!! i would like to know how many girls have slept with him in the atl? So your words cancel out because you aren’t even playing on an even playing field.

It’s kind of lame to take shots at someone who you think is “Eufaula” when you don’t know who it is and you are blabbing away and not revealing who you are. Comment by Eufaula HATER TOO on April 24, 2008 LEAVE THE MAN’S PENIS ALONE!! You are probably one of the girls who wants to throw herself at him. Comment by Eufaula HATER TOO on April 26, 2008 WHATEVER, OKAY THEN I DON’T KNOW BRYAN BARBER’S ASSISTANT CORINNE VARINE EITHER RIGHT?? that’s why your womb CAN’T HOLD A CHILD OLD ASS WHORE!! your men USE YOU TO SUIT THEIR BUSINESS needs USE U LIKE A BLOW UP DOLL, CUM IN U ASK U TO KILL THE BABY!! God doesn’t like that kind of stuff so for you to use God in the same sentence and damning someone is hypocritical.

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