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04-Nov-2019 09:48

I have friends who are HIV-Positive, and they wouldn’t appreciate their struggle being undermined, or turned into a mockery for Shytz-n-Gygglez.I hope Kat Stacks didn’t stage this for attention, and I hope no one else is framing her. And if that is the case, someone needs to be brought to justice.Kat Stacks, then initially I’d think her privacy has been invaded & violated.Yet, if you put yourself on BLAST on an internet, STD, dating site, then I guess YOU wanted it to be public knowledge. NO ONE should be having unprotected sex in this day & age.But before you go all judgy on her, take a sneak peek at her troubled life as a teen and the equally agonizing adulthood she found herself in.November 2, 1989, was the day she was born in Caracas, Venezuela.

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She was made to work as a stripper among other derogatory jobs but she found it difficult to leave.Joining forces with the head of World Star Hip Hop, Kat Stack began to wreak havoc on rappers, churning out uncensored videos which went viral.

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