Who is mayor antonio villaraigosa dating

13-Feb-2020 02:59

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The Times reported that when Parker anchored a news show on Sunday — presumably before the relationship was known to her bosses — she read a story about the chances of Villaraigosa running for governor in 2010.Jenny Peters, who writes the Spywitness celebrity column for the Daily News, said even a politician as charming as Villaraigosa has only limited potential as gossip fodder.First, a governor is in charge of a state (Massachusetts). It's a mayor that is in charge of the city-- in this case the city of Boston. He was Mayor from January 1, 1978 through December 31, 1989. The alarm was from media ethicists and others who think Villaraigosa and Parker should have learned a lesson from the mayor’s earlier entanglement with a pretty, brunet, much-younger television journalist.

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The yawns were from gossip connoisseurs who find the story all too familiar, coming two years after Villaraigosa wooed Channel 52 newswoman Mirthala Salinas amid the breakup of his 20-year marriage.

Longoria explains that her political involvement has set the rumor mill abuzz.

Not only was the actress heavily involved in President Barack Obama's reelection campaign, but she even spoke at the Democratic National Convention, which she called "the most important speech" she has ever made.


For over a decade, LALATE has been a proud licensed member of the St Louis, MO Press Club.Hey, Eva may not be dating the mayor, but she's still one smokin' hot Democrat!

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