Wow patch 5 0 4 not updating

06-Jan-2020 20:48

However, if you have it installed it is recommended you remove it as it is no longer needed.

* Added Player Power Bar Alt, Tutorial Frame Alert Button and Extra Action Bar Frame to the new movers definitions * Incorporated Xrystal's n UI_Unit Power fix for the divide by zero error when mousing over other players ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 5.07.21 (Release) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Added '/nui viewport' command to allow the viewport to be toggled on and off so the viewport can be enabled most of the time (thus increasing viewable world space and centering the player/HUD on the viewable area) and disabled when in the Wo W zones where viewports are broken (such as Throne of Tides) -- the viewport cannot be toggled unless you are out of combat * Moved the initialization of key bindings from the PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD event to the VARIABLES_LOADED event because it is now possible to enter the world before variables are loaded and ready for interpretation (sigh).

* Changed the anchoring the special class bars (Eclipse, Shard, Holy Power) so they do not depend on the n UI HUD casting bar being present.

* Added error trap to catch bad return values from Get Current Binding Set() that caused the key binding function to break in n UI * Fixed a layering problem in the combat log that allowed the combat log text to hide the combat log filtering buttons * Fixed an error in the combat log that threw an error if you tried to click in the combat log text area (it was trying to open a chat edit box where there isn't one) * Disabled the minimimze function on the combat log -- it doesn't need minimizing in the info panel and was throwing errors because it was looking for a chat edit box that doesn't exist in the combat log * Fixed the errant display of the button bar to the left of the combat log that was overlapping some of the buttons on the action bar right of the unit frames * Moved new user tooltips alert button to right side of game field above the voice chat control box so it doesn't overlap the minimap anymore ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 5.07.20 (Release) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Updated for 4.2 patch * Fixed keyring in bag bar (removed in 4.2) * Fixed sizing of the latency and frame rate meters for extra button in 4.2 patch * Fixed the target auras in the simple HUD to make them non-clickable so they do not interfere with the mouse * Modified automatic faction tracking to ignore guild reputation changes * Fixed location of map coordinates when world map is not maximized ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 5.07.19 (Release) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Fixed the bag bar so tooltips don't appear and the mouse does not interact with the bar when the '/nui bagbar off' option is used * Fixed the upper console that so that other mods that modify the micro menu and other elements cannot "show" the elements when the '/nui console off' option is used...

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 5.07.25 (Release) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * YA compilation of all of Xrystal's fixes for the Wo W 5.0.4 patch.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 5.07.24 (Release) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Yet another pass at trying to fix the Player Power Bar Alt and Extra ACtion Bar Frame sure would be easier if I could test them myself ~frown~ Me thinks I need to grind a toon in all my copious free time (cough cough) * Fixed the missing group loot windows #3 & #4 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 5.07.23 (Release) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Fixed version number in-game (oops) * Applies the n UI_fix from Belechannas (thank you for that) to address the cooldown timer problem since the 4.3 patch * Modified n UI_Movers (again) to try and fix Player Power Bar Alt and Extra Action Bar Frame for the Atrameded and similar fights ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 5.07.22 (Release) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Updated TOC for 4.3 patch * Changed how movers are initialized to allow easy addition of new Blizz elements (incorporating part of what Xrystal did in "n UI : Plugin [Custom Movers]" NOTE: n UI will (should) automatically disable n UI_Plugin_Custom Movers if it is installed so the two apps don't confict.

Could you add a way to be able to put Bars BEHIND the Blizzard Art Bar?

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/sigh * Fixed the micro buttons getting stepped on when entering/leaving pet battles ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 5.07.38 (Release) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Restored missing font files * Multiple taint fixes * Fixed unit frame right-click menu taint bug (could not set focus previously) * Fixed error when trying to unlearn talents or change glyphs (thanks Foxlit) * Added fix for "other Heal Prediction" nil error in Frame XML\Unit (thanks Seer) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 5.07.37 (Release) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Fixed bug in main action bar when extra action button is displayed (thanks Xrystal) * Fixed location of pet name in party and raid unit frame panels (thanks Xrystal) * Hopefully fixed a combat taint error when mousing over unit auras (thanks Belechannas) * Fixed false reporting of interruptable channel spells (thanks Belechannas) * Added support for flyout spells (i.e.Instead, by default, the Boomkin form will use your main caster bar and the bottom right bar on the dashboard can be used for other things now.